quote Funemployment isn’t actually that fun.

Right now I should be swotting up on the intricacies of a tech firm’s software solution that will change the world. But my heart’s just not in it. I want it to be, I really do – I’ve made cups of tea, listened to the radio, googled the company, read it’s website, perused reviews, trawled through case studies, practiced my interview answers and it’s just not enough.

I have a daughter, she’s only 10 months old. I was supposed to be back at my desk in May, working for a great international tech firm with fabulous people and an interesting job that helped do it’s bit to reduce climate change. Instead I was made redundant along with 50 others, and now I’m ending my maternity leave with a job hunt and it’s tough. Really tough.

I was made redundant, and now I’m ending my maternity leave with a job hunt and it’s tough. Really blimming tough. I want to enjoy my motherage not updating my CV.

My confidence is blown. A year ago I knew who I was, I could talk the talk of Marketing, I could run incredible events with an energy and enthusiasm that I’d pay a million quid to feel again! I’ve had 11 months out of the workplace now, and it feels like a lifetime. Technology changes so fast, there are new tools out there that I hadn’t even heard of until I paid to up-skill myself at a marketing course last week.

I need to find a killer job, one that knocks my socks off with excitement when I read the job spec. A job that I feel I could do without too much stress of learning new systems or exaggerating my experience. I need to find a job that’s so great it feels okay not to be spending all my time with my daughter. Nothing less than GREAT is going to be good enough for that.

But where to start! There are SOOOOO many job sites out there but hardly any of them offer part time roles, I’m looking for 5 days a week but reduced hours and my options feel seriously limited.

For others in my situation these are the sites that I found particularly useful:

  • Capability Jane – a site specialising in getting Mums back to work
  • Timewise – job posting site only for part time roles
  • Technojobs – job posting site for roles in the technology sector
  • Indeed – a site that pulls roles through from most other key platforms (Reed, Monster etc)
  • Guardian – offers a good selection of roles

If you are a Mum that’s been made redundant whilst on maternity leave I’d love to hear from you – any advice or rants are most welcome!


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