Urgh. It feels a bit awkward writing about me – like this is my opportunity to write something really hip and unpretentious and naturally cool.

I’m writing this blog because as I went through my pregnancy and first 6 months of Motherhood I felt that there was a real lack of useful, practical advice for Mums that didn’t preach or instruct but more just shared experiences and useful tips and advice. I’m hoping that this blog, Motherage would be a useful resource for new Mums.

I love writing lists. I have lists of lists, it’s that bad. But sometimes on a really crazy day where I’m still in my pyjamas, covered in banana, not having left the house, a list with the really simple things on to cross off can make me feel like I’ve got through the day and achieved something. Like put on a bra. Like put the rubbish out. Like feed, soothe, change, dress and love my baby. These are deserving things, brilliant things, small things that add up to keep my family safe and nourished.

So, here’s a list about me:

  • I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend
  • I live in East London, not hip Hackney but less gentrified Leytonstone
  • My daughter was born in August 2015
  • I was pregnant for almost 43 weeks
  • I was made redundant whilst on maternity leave and it really sucks
  • I am a naturally positive person, but am still susceptible to having really shite days
  • I find being a Mum really bloody hard work, I love it, but it’s really really hard
  • I love my daughter more than I thought it was humanly possible to love anyone